Our Vision for Science

“The Scientist is not a person who gives the right answers; he is one who asks the right questions” – Claude Levi-Strauss

At Cranford Park Primary School our science curriculum inspires children to investigate the world around them, whilst promoting a love of and fascination for all things Science. Hands on experiences build upon and develop their sense of natural curiosity and inquisitive minds.

Lessons are practical and allow children to plan investigations to explore knowledge, while teachers support, scaffold and question to guide thinking. In addition to developing knowledge and scientific skills, such as evaluating, recording evidence and concluding, our lessons reflect the interests of our school community and current issues in our environment and the wider world. In addition, children have opportunities to ask their own scientific questions and explore their own ideas.

Children are encouraged to reflect on their learning and to consider the implications of their Science learning for their own lives. Children have fun whilst learning, working well with others on challenges and when solving problems. They talk about Science throughout, discussing ideas using increasingly complex scientific vocabulary as they progress through the school. Children listen to others, build on their thinking and challenge their views.

Through these exciting opportunities, children develop into confident, resilient, learners, recognising that mistakes help them to deepen their learning and developing a ‘no limits to my potential’ attitude. They learn about Scientists, and the processes they went through in their breakthroughs

Resources are kept up to date and help to bring Science to life, with concrete models and equipment to help children grasp the concepts. ICT is used as a tool A forest area supports outdoor learning and encourages children to explore the world around them An outdoor ‘Science Station’ poses key questions and supports children to investigate outside and is accessible during breaks and lunches.

Our Science Curriculum

Science Road Map 2023

Science Progression Years R-7

Science Vocabulary Years R-6