Our Vision for French

Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom” – Roger Bacon

At Cranford Park CE Primary School, French is taught weekly by a native French specialist for 60 minutes across KS2. French is taught during PPA time alongside PE lessons. Children in KS1 can also access French through a lunch time club organised at school.

Learning a language is much more than new sounds, words and grammar. Discovering and learning a new language is about culture, people, traditions, differences and experiences. Our aim is for the children to enjoy engaging and fun sessions in order to develop a strong interest in learning a new language such as French and enable them to apply their knowledge and skills to further languages.

Our lessons aim to cover all aspects of the curriculum: pronunciation and speaking, listening, reading and writing, grammar and cultural understanding.

Pupils are taught with a variety of tools to discover phonics and patterns of French. Learning a language is about the experience on the learning journey. To make the experience as rich and engaging as possible, pupils are taught through a variety of approaches; stories, songs, plays, role play, experience in a pretend café, online games, videos, challenges and boardgames to name but a few.

It is really important that all children can enjoy the journey and so lessons are kept interactive with flashcards, photos, books, and visual aids to help children of all abilities. In each lesson, all children have the opportunity and the confidence to speak, write and use their French within the classroom; they can then take that knowledge beyond the classroom should they have the opportunity.

MFL Yearly Planner 2023-2024

My French Journey

MFL French Progression Document