School Data

We are mindful that Maths and English, as assessed Nationally, are just part of the education that we provide. Our teachers assess children across the curriculum, so as to allow children with strengths in other subject areas to shine.

At the beginning and end of their Reception year, children are assessed by their teacher, who is supported by provided assessment materials.

At the end of each Key Stage, pupils are assessed in Maths and English against the criteria set by The National Curriculum. This will involve teacher assessment, but is also measured by the statutory Standardised Tests. (SATs).

In addition, Year One children sit a ‘Phonics Test’ and Year Four are tested on their multiplication tables.

The attainment and progress information documents below demonstrate the results for Cranford Park in the previous few years. The information includes comparisons to Hampshire Local Authority and National figures where available. 

Whilst the data in the documents gives a picture of attainment at the end of each year, as a small school with relatively small numbers of pupils taking the statutory tests, these percentages need to be read advisedly.  For a more comprehensive view of learning, progress and attainment in our school, we would advise that a visit to our school will demonstrate our culture of achievement, personalised learning and challenge for all.