School Meals


At Cranford Park we believe that the best option for children at lunchtimes is to have the hot school meal. We are delighted to now be working in partnership with Cleverchefs to provide high quality, tasty food, cooked from fresh ingredients. Children are able to choose from a wide selection of meals. The cost of a meal is £2.90 for children in Key Stage 2 (years 3, 4, 5 and 6) but from September 2018 all children in YR, Y1 and Y2 have been able to have a Free School Meal.  Children will be given a choice of meals when they order their lunch during morning registration. School meals must be paid for in advance. You may pay for a term, half term, week or even daily preferably online using SCOPAY online payment.

The current menu can be viewed here MENU

A hot school meal can support children’s learning and health, and evidence states:

  • Children are better prepared for learning if they eat well
  • Children make more progress if they have eaten the right nutritional lunch
  • Only 1% of packed lunches provide the correct nutrition
  • Eating hot dinners is an important social occasion and the children learn vital skills.

Clevershefs provide all the nutrients that children require through the week.

Packed lunches
Parents may choose to send a packed lunch for their child, with the following provisos:

  • drinks are not brought in glass containers for safety reasons
  • no fizzy drinks.
  • no confectionery items are allowed
  • no items containing nuts as other children within the school are allergic to contact with nuts.


All classes have access to drinking water. Your child should bring a water bottle to school each day, which can be refilled in the classroom as required to enable them to have access to water as required. Research has shown that this is beneficial to children’s health and concentration. This bottle must be clear and plastic with a sports top and contain only water. We sell suitable and affordable team-coloured  bottles in the school office.