Our Vision for Music

“Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.” – Plato

At Cranford Park CE Primary School, children look forward to music lessons and are fully engaged throughout, with lessons tailored to cater to all abilities.

Our music curriculum is themed, so that children have a stimulus to work from. All lessons are really interactive and in at least half of them, children have the opportunity to play a range of instruments. Class sets of instruments allow all children to learn to play and every child has the opportunity to learn to play an instrument during their time at the school, allowing them to ‘let their light shine’ by performing to an audience.

and a large dedicated space allows for more movement during lessons. Children learn to read and write music and use this skill to compose their own music including in child led projects. They listen and appraise effectively and can express opinions of their own. A Music journal allows children to record their thoughts and leaning, thus providing a record of their progress in musical understanding.

Music, at Cranford Park, can be a spiritual experience. It can move us, affect our emotions and allow us to reflect and connect. Teachers model positive attitudes towards music by sharing their favourite songs and genres. Children enjoy singing and sing a range of songs in worship and performances

Children are introduced to a range of classical pieces through morning worship, as a variety of composers are studied. They listen to these during quiet work times so that they become familiar with significant works. A range of workshops introduce children to music from other cultures.

Annual productions allow children the opportunity to ‘let their light shine.’ These include Christmas and end of year productions, Easter and Christmas services and showcases such as the Summer Arts Festival. A large, mixed gender choir are passionate about music and perform regularly both locally and further afield, including annually at the O2. Groups of musicians form bands with themes to allow further performance opportunities.