Our Vision for Geography at Cranford Park CE Primary School

“We are not makers of History, we are made by History.”

Martin Luther King Jr

At Cranford Park CE Primary School History is active. Children are ‘detectives’ looking for clues and evidence to find out about their past and how we have come to be as we are now. Over time, children develop a love of History and a natural curiosity about their heritage and how life came to be as it is today.

In lessons, children use physical resources to bring learning to life, including high quality resources and Artefacts for each topic. History days, workshops, visitors and school trips immerse children in their studies. A residential experience in Year 4 offers children the chance to experience life as an ancient Egyptian.

Children explore key questions, identifying and building on previous knowledge in each lesson, reflecting on their new learning. They are encouraged to ask their own questions and explore their own avenues of research, making deductions to find the answers to historical enquiry. They use effective analytical and presentational techniques to draw conclusions and can apply their learning in other curriculum areas.

In order to help them become well-rounded citizens, fundamental British values are woven into the History curriculum. As part of their studies, children will have the opportunity to debate the rights and wrongs of history and form their own opinions. They will use a wide range of historical vocabulary when discussing their knowledge and understanding and debating controversial issues.

Children will have an opportunity to study a rich, diverse curriculum which enables them to understand how key decisions and significant individuals affected history and continue to shape the world in which we live.

Children with a particular interest or talent in History can join the History club giving them the chance to investigate a wide range of topics outside of our History curriculum.

History Overview 2023

History Progression of Skills and Knowledge 2023