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Cookies are used on this website. Agile ICT, the developers of this website, have programmed it to use cookies in order to provide core functionality and also enhance the user experience.

A cookie, is a small piece of information sent from a website and stored in the user’s web browser while browsing. Every time the user loads the website, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to identify and track the web browser.

To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit

Our cookies allow you to:

  • Make our website work as you would it expect it to
  • Improve functionality and usability such as, logging into the site
  • Improve the speed and security of the site

We do not use cookies to:

  • Collect any personally identifiable information (without your permission)
  • Collect any sensitive information (without your permission)
  • Pass data to advertising networks
  • Pass personally identifiable data to third parties
  • Pay sales commissions

Cookies used on our website

Cookie Name Purpose
Website CMS sessionid Used for logging into the website
Website CMS a36286240 Used to identify page requests

Managing Cookies

Most web browsers allow you to control cookies through the browser settings. Below are guidelines for managing your cookies in the most popular browsers:

Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, select Safety then click Delete browsing history, select the Cookies checkbox and then click Delete.


Open Firefox, click the Firefox button (top left) then Options, select the Privacy tab then select “remove individual cookies”.

Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome, click the stacked lines image in the top right corner, select Settings, and then click “show advanced settings”. In the Privacy section click the Content Settings button, in the Cookies section click the “All cookies and site data” button, then click the Remove all button at the top of the list.


Open Safari, select the Options icon (top right corner ‘spanner image’), then select Preferences, click the Privacy tab, select the Details button and then click Remove all.